San Francisco’s Earthquake Safety Implementation Program

Facade Maintenance Program

On May 6, 2016, Mayor Ed Lee signed into law the Building Facade Inspection and Maintenance Ordinance. This legislation requires the facades of certain buildings having five or more stories undergo initial and subsequent inspections according to a schedule based on the original construction date of a building. The program was developed from extensive community and design professional input aimed at reducing the risk to the public and the City’s resilience from façade failure. It provides clarification to the existing requirements of SFBC Section 3401.2 and brings San Francisco up to the national standard of required regular inspection and maintenance. Buildings will be safer leading up to an inevitable earthquake and provide for clear requirements for buildings after the earthquake.

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Buildings Requiring Inspection
The primary requirements of the ordinance include:

The facades of certain buildings having five or more stories must be inspected periodically by a licensed architect or engineer;
Inspection reports must be submitted to the owner and the Department of Building Inspection according to an inspection and reporting schedule;
Maintenance of the facades must be conducted in accordance with an Administrative Bulletin that is based on a national standard;
Establishes a fee to compensate the Department for review and related evaluation processing;